The urban SUV meets high performance.

The Audi SQ2 joins the coveted ranks of the Audi S models and takes on a whole new persona in the process. The celebrated compact premium SUV, remains perfectly suited to the modern world, its internal design and dimensions offering the versatility to meet the demands of any busy lifestyle. But the SQ2 adds serious S performance to this equation – further enhancing the combination of cutting-edge design, intuitive infotainment features and intelligent driver assist systems in a vehicle that takes compact luxury to new places.

Dynamic and powerful

In addition to the powerful TFSI engine, the fully variable quattro drive is a major contributor to the dynamic driving pleasure of the Audi SQ2. This enables the drive forces to be distributed as needed between the individual wheels. The S-specific suspension with ride height lowered by 20mm offers enhanced driving dynamics with direct feedback from the road and sportier handling. The S-specific sound underscores the sporty character of the Audi SQ2.

A design apart

Where the original Audi Q2 made an impact with its completely new vision of design for an SUV, the SQ2 adds its own undeniable presence that sets it apart. From its distinctive front-end treatment and Matrix LED headlights, down its sculpted flanks, filled out with 19-inch alloy wheels with distinctive red S brake callipers, there is no mistaking the SQ2’s pedigree. The trademark S quad exhausts puts any argument beyond doubt, short of actually getting behind the wheel.

Direct connection to the destination

Cutting-edge technology and connectivity in the Audi SQ2 is state-of-the-art. With its 12.3-inch Audi virtual cockpit, all important vehicle information is vividly displayed before the driver, including an S-specific view with the rev counter set centre stage. In addition, the MMI navigation plus allows you to navigate, communicate, obtain information and enjoy an extensive range of infotainment options literally at your fingertips, all the while enjoying the highest standards of in-car sound with the incomparable SONOS 3D Premium Sound System.

Enhanced convenience

A complete range of driver assist systems are included in the Audi SQ2 that add not only to the safety of the vehicle but to the overall driving experience. Advanced systems like the adaptive cruise control assist the driver using radar and sensors to monitor the SQ2’s surroundings to maintain the appropriate speed and following distance to the vehicle in front, slowing and accelerating the SQ2 as required. Similarly, active lane assist helps the driver keep the vehicle in its lane, monitoring the road markings and gently adjusting the steering as required.

Matrix LED headlights

Audi’s leading automotive lighting features prominently on the all-new SQ2, including Matrix LED headlights with daytime running lights and LED rear lighting as standard. This state-of-the-art technology with dynamic light sequence, high beam assist and dynamic front and rear indicators not only deliver the highest standards in automotive lighting, but gives the all-new Audi SQ2 its own distinctive light signature.